How can Shopify Boost your Sales?


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms available. It is one of the most widely used online shopping platforms too. For businesses that wish to change from brick-and-mortar sales to online shopping, Shopify is the best platform to turn to. Shopify eCommerce store brings you more business, and let us check how:

  • Facebook Integration - Your customers are spending more time online, browsing for their favorite products, and doing many other things. One of the places where people spend most of their time online will be Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform that helps you to connect with your friends and shop from businesses. Shopify offers integrate with Facebook feature that helps you to connect your online store with Facebook. This feature enables your customers to shop easily from you.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery - On average almost 70% of customers add products to their online cart and leave without making a purchase. Abandoned carts clearly are a loss to business and if the customers completely forget about the products in the cart, the chances of any sale happening will be zero. So, if you are using Shopify platform, your customers will be sent prompt reminders about the products in the cart so that they may make a purchase. One of the best things about Shopify is that you will have this feature even with the basic plan, while some other platforms may require you to purchase an upgraded plan for availing of this feature.

  • Customer Profiles - Another feature that makes Shopify better than the other eCommerce platforms is that it helps you to understand clearly the shopping patterns and purchasing behavior of each customer so that you can create customer profiles. Once you have created a customer profile, it will be very easy to push marketing notifications and featured product emails to the customers.

  • Use Expert Services of Shopify Experts - Getting anything done on Shopify is easy, provided that you know the best people for the job. Shopify Experts are the people to turn to for getting tasks like Shopify theme customization, Shopify Online Store Setup, and others done. Big or small, Shopify Experts can ensure you the best and quality services.

Shopify is, without any doubt, the best online store platforms available now. With its easy to use and many other amazing features, Shopify suits businesses, both big and small. If you are wishing to get a Shopify online store setup for your business, hire the expert services of ShopExpertz.

ShopExpertz are Shopify Experts who can provide you with high-quality, yet affordable Shopify services. We can expertly handle any task, including Shopify theme customization, Shopify Store Maintenance, Shopify Small Tasks, Catalogue Management, and anything else that you may need. We have a team of expert Shopify developers and other professionals who can play big roles in helping your business grow by leaps and bounds. Contact us now for hiring our expert services in Shopify eCommerce platform.
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